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How do I complete form 42 for a

How do I complete form 42 for a simple limited company which
has issued shares on or after incorporation?

Download the form, following the instructions here


1. Complete the first page to include the company name, registered office address
and corporation tax reference number as shown below:


2. Next go to page two and tick the box under section 2 "Acquisition of securities (including shares)"

3. Now turn to page 7 and complete section 2. Insert shareholder name in box 2.01, and National Insurance
number in box 2.02 of the shareholder who has acquired the share - note this includes the subscribers to the
Memorandum and Articles of Association assuming this is not the Formation Agent.
Next enter your company name in box 2.03 and your PAYE reference number (if you have a scheme set up) in box 2.04
Now enter the type of share which has been acquired in box 2.05, for example "Ordinary 1 Share in Your Company Name Limited"


4. Enter the date acquired in box 2.06, (this may be the date of incorporation), the number acquired in box 2.07 and enter the letter A
in box 2.08.
Assuming the shareholder paid for his/her shares, in box 2.11 enter the price paid. The value will typically be 1 but your
formation agent could have set this to any level based on your instructions, so check it out before completion!

5. Now enter the relevant replies to questions in boxes 2.12 to 2.16

6.Repeat for each shareholder who has acquired shares during the tax year.

7. Turn now to the last page (page 12) and complete the declaration. This should be signed by the
company secretary or the acting company secretary.

8. Finally send the return to:

Employee Shares & Securities Unit (ESSU)
Room G52
100 Parliament Street

Telephone: 020 7147 2853 or 2837
Fax: 020 7147 2747


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