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How the eFaze 'FastTrack' option works

Fastrack is the quickest way to incorporate your company. The application is sent to Companies House as soon as payment is complete, using your delivery address as the registered office and eFaze officers. Your company is initially setup with eFaze nominee directors and secretaries. You can then appoint your own directors and secretaries using our online forms - on submitting your new directors and secretaries, eFaze will automatically resign and your officers and shareholders will be appointed.

If you select "FastTrack", as soon as you give us your payment information our electronic system automatically sends your proposed company incorporation details to Companies House for incorporation.

This is extremely important because Companies House works effectively on a first come first served basis for deciding who gets a company name. You can get your company name to Companies House in as little as 5 minutes using our system and your application should be on its way to Companies House within 5 minutes of your clicking "Register This Company".
The email confirming the company registration will have your Memorandum and Articles of Association attached. You should receive the acceptance with .pdf certificate within 8 working hours and often sooner.

Your company is formed using our nominee director(s), secretary and subscriber. eFaze has 2 limited companies which act as initial nominee director and/or secretary and subscriber when the company is formed.

These companies are registered as our nominees at Companies House and can never have any problems with appointment, unlike other unregistered persons. eFaze Client Director Ltd will act as director. Efaze Client Secretary Ltd will act as secretary (and director if the company is a PLC)

eFaze nominees will remain in position for 1 month after registration. At this point, you will be reminded to appoint your own director and secretary, and transfer the subscriber share to the beneficial owner unless you have already instructed us to act for you. See Company Secretary Service and Dormant Company Maintenance Service for more information

Unless the company is non profit-making, Limited companies are usually formed with 1000 1 shares, 1 share will be issued to eFaze Client Director Ltd. PLCs are formed with 50,000 x 1 shares and require 25% take up of the shares i.e. 12,500. 1 share each will be issued to eFaze Client Director Ltd and eFaze Client Secretary Ltd. The Memorandum and Articles of Association will be a generic standard set suitable for the type of company you have ordered. The subscriber(s) (our nominee(s)) will be added automatically to the Memorandum and Articles of Association. The registered office address will be the the address you type in when you enter your contact details - the delivery address, unless you have ordered our registered office service.

When the company is formed you will be emailed instructions on how to appoint your own director and secretary, and to transfer the nominee share(s) (if applicable) online. The company will initially belong to eFaze and you can then appoint your own officers and transfer the subscriber share(s) later at your convenience.

Please note: eFaze nominee director and secretary will remain in office for one calendar month. If you have not made any appointments in that time, we will contact you with a reminder. Once all appointments and share transfer(s) are in order, we conduct the first meeting of the company and transfer directors, secretary and share(s) to you and send you the paperwork by email.

This includes
  • minutes of the first meeting where ownership of the company is transferred.
  • template for the second meeting and stock tranfer form.
  • We also include form 225 (change of accounting reference date) and
  • form 88(2) (allotment of shares) which may be of use.

    If you prefer, you can enter details of director, secretary and shareholder immediately after payment by clicking on "Next Steps", and the appointments will be sent to companies house as soon as the company is registered.
    However, if you are ready with details of director, secretary and subscriber you may prefer to select "Detailed Registration" and enter your details NOW at the time of registration.
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